How Can I get verified?

If you are a user I know really good, or a really famous person you can message me at my account, and I will most likely verify you.

Can I have the source code?

Maybe in the future if and when I decide that I am done running the site. I will either hand over the site to someone I know, or just paste the source code everywhere so every poor soul can have access to their own version of poor twitter.

Will You Continually Update the site?

Most likely. I will try to keep up with the site, and try to give users cool new features. If it gets to the point where I don't have time then I may have to stop updating the site.

What are your user goals?

Well to have 1 million users would be nice, but I would like to keep a small nit tight community so maybe a user base of like 5,000 users is my goal. Recurring users as well. I do not want to have users who just user this site once in a while.

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